Lobster time

That was the main post on that day’s schedule, had to have it early in case we all liked it, so we could have it another time, and maybe another time before we leave…  I couldn’t believe how eager I was to get my teeth into this piece made with a touch of heaven. LOBSTER! David got the lobster under the roof – and he showed me how to hold it (still alive, doing it the real way), getting of the rubber bands off their claws and voilá, into the boiling water… I was so satisfied managing the lobster, getting the technique pretty good. 19 lobster had to say good bye to their mates while boiling red, and we were soon all set.

I can’t believe how good it tasted! The lobster’s were HUGE and tasted, whatever – it was too good to mention. I told David that if there would be served anything in heaven, then lobster would be it. With a piece of lemon, home mead bread, majo and a glass of champagne it couldn’t have been better!

Four mojitos later, fingers were itching, tongue tingeling and breath wheezing. Crew with nurses and doctor’s brought me medicine, and I ate it with no critical sense. Whatever they gave me, I had it. Hours later we went to the hospital, a little bit fun to get back-stage in a hospital in Nova Scotia. We chilled out in the doctor’s lounge waiting for my conditions to ease.  Well, what an after party; got some prescriptions for medicine, inhalator and epi-pen! And then, strait back to bed at around 7 AM.

I can’t believe I’ll never have lobster again!? Allergic!? What the fuck is that?!


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