Pop Corn – the way I never even thought of

It’s as clear as it gets in the milky way and the dipper is turned up side down. Bonfire lights it all up and gives this nice heat only a bonfire can make. Beers and Captain Morgan’s are all consumed and the hunger for salt is up – what would be better than a taste of salted popcorn then? In my case nothing would beat that. But how on earth could you make popcorn on a bonfire? Well, I didn’t know, but know I do – and this is a brilliant invention!! No one knows the name of it, but if you do please let me know.

Making popcorn on the fire


Are you the kind of person that tries to watch the popcorn pop, but feel disappointed because it really doesn’t work out well to put out the top of the pan when you fry it? Or what about the microwave? You can’t really watch the popping there, aye? Well… This is the thing for you! It’s like a grate, shaped like bowl but split in two so you can open it up! And it has a long heft connected to it, so you won’t get burned while having it over the fire. Can you imagine, you can WATCH the popcorn pop!! And even, if you’re a popcorn geek, and like to feel it as well, you are absolutely able to!! If you just shake as much as it won’t get burned, you can both watch and feel the popcorn getting popped. For me this was amaaazing, and I definitely bring this invention back to Norway! NO DOUBT!

 This is how the thingie looks like… 🙂 Seen it before?


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