Road trip



After a typical american breakfast (egg «n bacon, toast, hash brownies, juice and coffee) and a little walk on the pier watching fishermen getting their catch on land, we hit the road for a road trip driving the west of Nova Scotia up to Grand Pre. On the way there were vineyards, cornfields and apple trees as far as the eye could see… A perfect place to either shoot a freakin» children of the corn-movie or just go for an «apple-slang» like we did when we were kids (or whatever you’ll call it, 21?)


Todays catch


Bay of Fundy was a good place to check out some Acadian history, and to my non-existing expectations of that place ( I didn’t knew there was a place named… ) I was surprised about the small towns around there… It was like travelling back in time looking at the streets, the shops, the houses and even in some cases the people. Sweet!

Just like walking trough the streets of Universals Studios in a set from… well, the 50-60’s?


The barber shop!


Doing some serious discussing…

And in the end… This is for all of you who still insist of there being a blue screen every time you guys see a jumping-picture of me:

This is not fake!


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