Dagens anbefaling: Flipped


Den er sukkersøt og får meg til å knise. 

Bryce Loski: They are all chickens. 
Chet Duncan: I’m proud of you Bryce, you overcame your fear, you talked to her 
Bryce Loski: Oh yeah… it’s no big deal. 
Steven Loski: That’s what she told you? They’re all chickens? 
Bryce Loski: Yeah. 
Steven Loski: She’s a genius. You’re both geniuses. Of course they are all chickens, a rooster is a chicken. The question is, is one of them a rooster or are they all hens? 
Bryce Loski: [voiceover] Hens? Who said anything about hens? Then it hit me… Garrett didn’t know jack shit about chickens. 

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